The Homestead Crater


Utah has some of the most unique scenery and destinations in the world and the Homestead Crater is no exception. It’s located in Midway, Utah, which is a short distance from Park City. The Crater is a geothermal spring 55 feet below the hole at ground level. You can tour the crater, soak in the mineral water that remains at a temperature between 90-96 degrees, or dive to the bottom.


The crater is one of the most unique diving destinations in the world not only because it is a high altitude dive, but it is also the only warm diving destinations in the United States. I completed my open water scuba diving certification here and had a great experience. I am a baby when it comes to cold water, I even shiver in pools, so the water temperature was amazing. It might be a little warm for the summer but would be perfect the rest of the year. (We didn’t mean for the picture below to turn out as awkward as it did, but I thought it was too funny not to share!)


You have to have a reservation in order to do an activity at the crater. You can stop by for the day or you can make a weekend out of it and stay at the homestead resort. There is also a really cool place right across the street called Zermatt, which is a Swiss themed resort.  You can make reservations through either site: or

Go check it out!


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