20 items to pack on a cruise!

20 Items to pack on a cruise

Aside from your travel documents and typical day to day necessities like undies and toiletries, here is a list of 20 items you should pack for a cruise. You can click on any of the links below to have the items sent  directly to your house.

          1. Swim suits, swim suits, swim suits!
          2. Swim suit covers (sun dresses, shorts, tank tops, etc)
          3. Sunscreen and lip gloss with sunscreen – If you’re like me and coming from Utah in the middle of winter, you need everything to have SPF in it! These are some of my favorites: Coola SunscreenSun Bum SPF 30 Lip Balm
          4. Sunglasses, hats
          5. Flip flops, tennis shoes – I usually just fly in yoga pants and tennis shoes, this way I don’t have to pack them in my suit case.
          6. Light jacket & sweater – It can get chilly at night, or you may have a rainy day.
          7. Exercise clothes – In case that cruise food starts to weigh you down and you decide to take advantage of the on board gym. I always plan on doing this, but am not very diligent with it.
          8. Dresses and nice clothes for dinner – There are two formal nights (you see anything from nice slacks to suits). Don’t over do it for the rest of the nights but dress nice. I like to bring a few items that can mix and match. I usually pack two sets of heels that can go with the outfits I have picked out.
          9.  Aloe Vera – Hopefully you will not need to use this, but it is better to be safe than sorry.
          10. Water Bottle – I am someone that drinks a lot of water everyday. Since you never really know what you are going to have access to on the islands I bring a cheap reusable water bottle with me. Each day before leaving the ship I fill it full of ice and water and take it with me. This way I at least stay hydrated, and save money.
          11. Motion sickness pills – a cruise affects everyone differently. I would suggest buying Bonine Motion Sickness Tablets or Motion Sickness Patch
          12. A small pill container with medications you may need such as antacids, pain medication, Benadryl, etc.
          13. Camera or GoPro
          14. card holder for your sign and sail card
          15. Extra contacts if you wear them
          16. Book to read while laying by the pool at those days at sea
          17. Selfie Stick
          18. Small bag – I take a bag big enough to fit the cruise towel, and a few things with me on the islands. Just don’t lose your towel or they will charge you.
          19. Alarm clock – There are no clocks in the room. You can arrange for a wake up call, but it is nice to have a clock in the room to know what time it is.
          20. Gum – I always bring a couple packs of gum with me, but I’ve heard they don’t sell it on the boat. Could be a rumor, but I’d rather not take the risk of bad breath.

Mainly just try to avoid buying anything on the ship, it is nice to know you have that option if you forget something, but it is very overpriced. Okay, start your packing!




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